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more — a C++ library


more is a multipurpose library designed to integrate well with the standard C++ library. It contains

Since the library covers several topics, it is clearly separated into modules by using namespaces and parallel #include paths.

I recommend that you also have a look at some related libraries which complements this one:


The features of the library are frozen, but I will fix bugs when discovered or reported.


The library is available for download or CVS checkout at its project page

The main documentation is generated from the source code using Doxygen. Online snapshot:

The following documents are no longer maintained, but may be useful anyway:


The library requires a C++ compliant compiler with library and a POSIX interface to the opreating system. It is developed using GCC and requires version 3.0 or above (due to the library). For full functionality the following libraries should also be available:

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