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more Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
more::_longsize< N >
more::_longsize< sizeof(char)>
more::_longsize< sizeof(long)>
more::gen::abstract_binary_function< Arg1, Arg2, Result >
more::gen::abstract_generator< Result >
more::gen::abstract_ternary_function< Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Result >
more::gen::abstract_unary_function< Arg, Result >
more::gen::allocator< T >An allocator which supports default construction without copying
more::gen::allocator< T >::rebind< U >Provides to typedef other
more::and_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 >
more::and_< nulltype, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 >
more::and_< T, truetype, truetype, truetype, truetype, truetype >
more::append_< List, Value >
more::append_< nulltype, V >
more::append_< typepair< E, Tail >, V >
more::num::assert_< I, J >
more::num::assert_< I, I >
more::gen::assign_iterator< T >An output iterator which repeatedly assigns to the same location
more::diag::auto_ptr< T >A slightly simplified auto_ptr which uses MORE_DELETE
more::gen::bad_derefException when an invalid dereferece is detected
more::math::balanced_type_< T, U >
more::gen::basic_gc_string< Char >A shallow copied garbage collected string to use for string literals
more::io::basic_ifstream< Char, Traits >Basically the same as the std:: one, but also provides on-the-fly decompression of bzip2 or gzip compressed files
more::io::basic_ipstream< Char, Traits >An input pipe stream
more::io::basic_ipstreambuf< Char, Traits >IO buffer of an input pipe stream
more::io::basic_opstream< Char, Traits >A stream buffer of an output pipe
more::io::basic_opstreambuf< Char, Traits >An IO stream buffer of an output pipe
more::phys::BCS_solver< T >A solver of the Bardeen–Cooper–Schrieffer (BCS) equations
more::bigger_type_< T, U >
more::gen::binary_closure< Arg1, Arg2, Result >
more::gen::binary_heap< T, Prec >
more::gen::binary_multiclosure< A1, A2, R, Container >
more::io::bit_reader< InputStream >Utility class to read one bit at a time from a stream
more::io::bit_writer< OutputStream >Utility class to write one bit at a time to a stream
more::gen::bound_const_mem_fun1_ref_t< Res, Obj, Arg >
more::gen::bound_const_mem_fun2_ref_t< Res, Obj, Arg1, Arg2 >
more::gen::bound_const_mem_fun3_ref_t< Res, Obj, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3 >
more::gen::bound_const_mem_fun_ref_t< Res, Obj >
more::gen::bound_mem_fun1_ref_t< Res, Obj, Arg >
more::gen::bound_mem_fun2_ref_t< Res, Obj, Arg1, Arg2 >
more::gen::bound_mem_fun3_ref_t< Res, Obj, Arg1, Arg2, Arg3 >
more::gen::bound_mem_fun_ref_t< Res, Obj >
more::io::buffer< T >A stream buffer with arbitary lookahead
more::io::buffer< T >::driverThe item source interface
more::diag::checkmemUsed to force earlier activation of the allocation checker
more::phys::ens::citation_tA reference to a publication
more::gen::class_property_accessor< Compound, T >
more::math::closed_interval< T, Less >A continuous interval which contains both extremums
more::io::cmdlineA command line parser
more::io::cmdline::failureAn exception thrown when the command line options are ill-formed
more::io::cmdline::relaxAn exception thrown when the user has requested help
more::io::cmdline_arg_parser< T >
more::io::cmdline_arg_parser< std::string >
more::io::cmdline_copier< T, OutputIterator >
more::io::cmdline_setter< T >
more::phys::ens::comment_refs_tA set of comment refereces
more::lang::compilationThe state of a C/C++ compilation and linkage
more::concat_< List, List1 >
more::concat_< nulltype, List1 >
more::concat_< typepair< E, Tail >, List1 >
more::phys::confidence_interval< T >A type for storing a value and its deviation
more::phys::confidence_interval< T >::infinite_tag
more::phys::confidence_interval< T >::unknown_tag
more::gen::const_abstract_binary_function< Arg1, Arg2, Result >
more::gen::const_abstract_generator< Result >
more::gen::const_abstract_ternary_function< Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Result >
more::gen::const_abstract_unary_function< Arg, Result >
more::gen::const_binary_closure< Arg1, Arg2, Result >
more::gen::const_encapsulated_binary_function< BinaryFunction >
more::gen::const_encapsulated_generator< Generator >
more::gen::const_encapsulated_ternary_function< TernaryFunction >
more::gen::const_encapsulated_unary_function< UnaryFunction >
more::gen::const_generator_closure< Result >
more::gen::const_ternary_closure< Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Result >
more::gen::const_unary_closure< Arg, Result >
more::math::cospinor< T >
more::gen::counter< T >A generator which returns numbers with a given increment
more::lang::ct_arrayThe runtime representation of an array type
more::lang::ct_incompleteA type which can only be passed as a pointer
more::lang::ct_pointerThe runtime representation of a pointer type
more::lang::ct_protoThe runtime representation of a prototype
more::lang::ct_structThe layout of a store which is of ct_struct type
more::lang::ct_struct::memberA descriptor of a member of a structure
more::lang::ct_typeAbstract base class for runtime type representation
more::lang::cx_andThe representation af a sequential conjunction
more::lang::cx_blockThe representation of a C block containing declarations and statements
more::lang::cx_callThe representation of a C function call
more::lang::cx_condThe representation of a sequence of if/else statements using a Scheme like interface
more::lang::cx_deref_locatorThe locator of an object referred to by a pointer
more::lang::cx_exprThe base class for expressions which can be directly coded into C source and possibly evaluated runtime
more::lang::cx_expr_with_ctor_dtorThe representation of an expression with attached constrution an destruction code
more::lang::cx_identifierThe representation of a variable (auto, global, or function name)
more::lang::cx_lambdaA lambda expression used as the definiens of a function definition
more::lang::cx_literal< T >The representation of a C literal
more::lang::cx_locatorThe locator of an object inside a compound
more::lang::cx_locator_resolverHandler for a location inside a location
more::lang::cx_member_locatorThe locator of a member in a structure
more::lang::cx_package_variableThe representation of a global C variable with a definition
more::lang::cx_patternThe representation of a named function call or arbitrary C expression
more::lang::cx_resolverThe interface for handling lazy resoltion of value addresses
more::lang::cx_switchThe representation of a C switch block
more::phys::ens::datasetAn ENSDF data set
more::sys::dateCultural notion of time
more::phys::ens::decay_infoCommon information to all decays in a dataset
more::gen::degenerate_map< Key, Data, Compare >A map with degenerate values
more::gen::degenerate_set< Key, Compare >A set which supports degenerate elements
more::gen::dereferencer< Iterator >A functional which dereferences an iterator
more::io::directoryA type which provides a range over file names in a directory
more::math::divides_type_< T, U >
more::net::dynamic_object< Object >
more::math::element_type_< T >
more::math::element_type_< num::vectin< T, N > >
more::gen::encapsulated_binary_function< BinaryFunction >
more::gen::encapsulated_generator< Generator >
more::gen::encapsulated_ternary_function< TernaryFunction >
more::gen::encapsulated_unary_function< UnaryFunction >
more::phys::ens::ensdbA handle to an ENSDF provider
more::equals_< T, U >
more::equals_< nulltype, nulltype >
more::equals_< T, T >
more::equiv_< T, U >
more::equiv_< nulltype, nulltype >
more::equiv_< nulltype, U >
more::equiv_< T, nulltype >
more::diag::errno_exceptionAn exception used to report an errno condition
more::num::euclidian_metric< Position >
more::io::file_glob_listA list of path names matched by a globbing pattern
more::io::file_statusAquires various information about the a file
more::io::fsyncstreamA file-based syncstream
more::gen::generator< Result >Convenience base class for a functional taking no arguments
more::gen::generator_closure< Result >
more::gen::generator_multiclosure< R, Container >
more::gen::genericA type which can hold an object or a range of any other copyable type
more::gen::handle< T >Utility class to deal with reference counting
more::gen::handle_baseBase class for the template argument of a handle
more::math::hash< Width >A hash of minimum Width number of bits
more::gen::hook< Generator >
more::io::host_addressInternet name and address information for a host
more::gen::identifierAn identifier
more::if_< Cond, Positive, Negative >
more::if_< nulltype, Positive, Negative >
more::gen::if_view< Subiterator, Filter >
more::gen::if_view< Subiterator, Filter >::iterator
more::io::ifsyncstreamA file-based syncstream which will be opened for input
more::num::index< I >
more::io::internet_addressAn IP number
more::math::interval< T, Less >A continuous interval
more::math::interval_base< T >Helper for interval classes
more::is_class_< T >
more::is_class_< bool >
more::is_class_< char >
more::is_class_< double >
more::is_class_< float >
more::is_class_< int >
more::is_class_< long >
more::is_class_< long double >
more::is_class_< short >
more::is_class_< signed char >
more::is_class_< T *>
more::is_class_< unsigned char >
more::is_class_< unsigned int >
more::is_class_< unsigned long >
more::is_class_< unsigned short >
more::is_const_< T >
more::is_const_< const T >
more::is_etype_< T >
more::is_in_< T, List >
more::is_in_< T, nulltype >
more::is_in_< T, typepair< T, Tail > >
more::is_in_< T, typepair< U, Tail > >
more::is_pointer_< T >
more::is_pointer_< T *>
more::is_true_< Cond >
more::is_true_< true >
more::gen::iterator_category_intersection_< C1, C2 >
more::gen::iterator_composition< Iterator1, Iterator2, BinaryFunction >
more::net::ldap_connectionA connection to an LDAP server
more::math::left_interval< T, Less >A continuous interval which contains its infimum but not its supremum
more::phys::level_graph< LevelTraits >
more::gen::link< T >A container of linked objects
more::gen::link< T >::const_iteratorA constant valued bidirectional iterator over T
more::gen::link< T >::iteratorA bidirectional iterator over T
more::gen::linkedA class for linking objects together
more::list_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11, T12 >
more::list_< T1 >
more::list_< T1, T2 >
more::list_< T1, T2, T3 >
more::list_< T1, T2, T3, T4 >
more::list_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5 >
more::list_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 >
more::list_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7 >
more::list_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8 >
more::list_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9 >
more::list_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10 >
more::list_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, T9, T10, T11 >
more::lang::locationA lazily resolved value
more::io::lock_fileA handle to a lock file
more::num::matrin< T, N, M >
more::gen::mem_fun1_ref_fixed_t< Res, Obj, Arg >An alternative to std::mem_fun1_ref_t
more::gen::mem_fun2_ref_fixed_t< Res, Obj, Arg1, Arg2 >Encapsulation of a pointer to a member function taking two additional arguments
more::gen::mem_fun2_t< Res, Obj, Arg1, Arg2 >Encapsulation of a pointer to a member function taking two additional arguments
more::gen::mem_fun_ref_fixed_t< Res, Obj >An alternative to std::mem_fun_ref_t
more::math::minus_type_< T, U >
more::num::mutable_< T >
more::num::mutable_< const T >
more::cf::mutexMutual exclusive lock
more::gen::nary_tree< T, Allocator >A tree with variable number of branches on each node
more::gen::nary_tree< T, Allocator >::swapper
more::gen::noncopyableClasses derived from this can not be copied or assigned
more::math::norm_type_< T >
more::math::norm_type_< alpha_tag >
more::math::norm_type_< beta_tag >
more::math::norm_type_< coalpha_tag >
more::math::norm_type_< cobeta_tag >
more::math::norm_type_< complex< T > >
more::math::norm_type_< const T >
more::math::norm_type_< num::vectin< T, N > >
more::math::norm_type_< spinopr< T > >
more::math::norm_type_< spinor< T > >
more::not_< T >
more::not_< nulltype >
more::gen::ntree< T, BranchContainer, Allocator >An general tree
more::gen::ntree< T, BranchContainer, Allocator >::swapperA class which can be used to move all nodes of a tree to another tree without copying
more::phys::ens::nucleusA nucleus discriptor with access to all the datasets on the nucleus
more::gen::null_container< Value >A container which is always empty
more::gen::null_iterator< Value >A random access iterator with only one value, a past-the-end iterator
more::gen::null_output_iteratonAn output iterator which discards its output
more::numeric_limits< T >
more::io::ofsyncstreamA file-based syncstream which will be opened for output
more::math::open_internalA continuous interval which does not contain its extremums
more::math::open_interval< T, Less >
more::or_< T1, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 >
more::or_< nulltype, nulltype, nulltype, nulltype, nulltype, T6 >
more::or_< nulltype, nulltype, nulltype, nulltype, T5, T6 >
more::or_< nulltype, nulltype, nulltype, T4, T5, T6 >
more::or_< nulltype, nulltype, T3, T4, T5, T6 >
more::or_< nulltype, T2, T3, T4, T5, T6 >
more::order_< T1, T2, Ordering >
more::order_< T, T, typepair< T, Tail > >
more::order_< T1, T2, nulltype >
more::order_< T1, T2, typepair< T1, Tail > >
more::order_< T1, T2, typepair< T2, Tail > >
more::order_< T1, T2, typepair< T3, Tail > >
more::gen::ostream_iterator< Value, Char, Traits >This is an alternative to std::ostream_iterator
more::gen::outer_product_container< Iterator, Container, IteratorCategory >
more::gen::outer_product_container< Iterator, Container, IteratorCategory >::iterator
more::math::outer_product_type_< T >
more::math::outer_product_type_< complex< T > >
more::math::outer_product_type_< const T >
more::math::outer_product_type_< double >
more::math::outer_product_type_< float >
more::math::outer_product_type_< int >
more::math::outer_product_type_< long double >
more::math::outer_product_type_< spinor< T > >
more::lang::packageA package of C function and type definitions
more::gen::partial_ordering< T >A container which provides a partially ordering of its elements
more::partial_orderingA representation of a partial ordering of object
more::gen::partial_ordering< T >::const_elementAn element of the ordering with constant value
more::gen::partial_ordering< T >::const_infimum_iteratorA bidirectional iterator used by infimum_range
more::gen::partial_ordering< T >::elementAn element of the ordering
more::gen::partial_ordering< T >::infimum_iteratorA bidirectional iterator used by infimum_range
more::gen::partial_ordering_baseHelper class
more::gen::partial_ordering_product< T, Container >
more::gen::partial_ordering_product< T, Container >::element
more::gen::placeholder< Place, Type >Use to declare a placeholder variable for lambda expressions
more::math::plus_type_< T, U >
more::gen::po_map< Key, Data, KeyCompare >A map with paritally ordered keys
more::gen::po_map< Key, Data, KeyCompare >::value_compare
more::num::point_map< Position, Data, Metric >
more::num::point_map< Position, Data, Metric >::vicinity_filter
more::gen::pointer_to_generator< Result >Encapsulation of a pointer to a function taking no arguments
more::gen::pointer_to_ternary_function< Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Res >Encapsulation of a pointer to a ternary function
more::math::position_type_< T >
more::pow_helper_< N, Selector >
more::pow_helper_< N, 0 >
more::pow_helper_< N, 1 >
more::io::readline_driver< Char >
more::io::readline_driver< char >
more::io::readline_driver< wchar_t >
more::phys::ens::rec_alphaAn ENSDF α particle decay record
more::phys::ens::rec_beta_miAn ENSDF β- decay record
more::phys::ens::rec_beta_plAn ENSDF β+ decay and electron capture record
more::phys::ens::rec_commentAn ENSDF comment record
more::phys::ens::rec_gammaAn ENSDF γ emission record
more::phys::ens::rec_historyAn ENSDF history record
more::phys::ens::rec_identAn ENSDF identification record
more::phys::ens::rec_levelAn ENSDF level record
more::phys::ens::rec_normAn ENSDF normalization record
more::phys::ens::rec_parentAn ENSDF parent record
more::phys::ens::rec_particleAn ENSDF particle or delayed particle record
more::phys::ens::rec_pnormAn ENSDF production normalization record
more::phys::ens::rec_qvalueAn ENSDF Q-value record
more::phys::ens::rec_radiationA base class for ENSDF radiation records
more::phys::ens::rec_refAn ENSDF reference record
more::phys::ens::rec_xrefAn ENSDF cross reference record
more::gen::recycler< T >A type for recycling garbage collected objects
more::gen::recycler< T >::rebind< U >
more::gen::recycler_baseBase class for recycler
more::gen::recycler_groupShared data for a group of recyclers whose objects reference each other
more::gen::refpair< T, U >Like a pair, but contains references which can be assigned to
rethrowable< T >
more::math::right_interval< T, Less >A continuous interval which contains its supremum but not its infimum
more::gen::ring< T, Alloc >A ring is a collection of object which are bidirectionally linked into a ring
more::gen::ring< T, Alloc >::const_iteratorYet another bidirectional iterator, but this one's got const values
more::gen::ring< T, Alloc >::iteratorA bidirectional iterator
more::math::scalar_type_< T >
more::math::scalar_type_< complex< T > >
more::math::scalar_type_< const T >
more::math::scalar_type_< double >
more::math::scalar_type_< float >
more::math::scalar_type_< int >
more::math::scalar_type_< long double >
more::math::scalar_type_< num::vectin< T, N > >
more::math::scalar_type_< spinopr< T > >
more::math::scalar_type_< spinor< T > >
more::gen::select1st< Pair >A functional which returns a reference to the first component of a pair-like type
more::gen::select2nd< Pair >A functional which returns a reference to the second component of a pair-like type
more::sequence_partial_orderingA partial ordering of sequences
more::io::setdigitsIO manipulator to set the precision of floats written by syncstream
more::io::setdigits10IO manipulator to set the precision of floats written by syncstream
more::io::setwpA combinde std::setw and std::setprecision manipulator
more::cf::sigalrm_raisedException to be thrown upon SIGALRM
more::cf::sigfpe_raisedException to be thrown upon SIGFPE
more::cf::sigint_raisedException to be thrown upon SIGINT
more::cf::signal_raisedException to be thrown upon signals
more::cf::sigsegv_raisedException to be thrown upon SIGSEGV
more::math::size_< T >
more::phys::skyrme_interaction< T >This class holds a Skyrme type parametrization of the nuclear interaction
more::phys::skyrme_name_listA list of the names of the skyrme interactions
more::io::socketA stream that can be attached to a socket
more::io::socket_addressA socket address
more::phys::ens::spin_parity_expr_tAn expression for possible spins and parities
more::math::spinopr< T >
more::math::spinor< T >
more::diag::stopwatchClass for timing program execution
more::io::syncstreamA stream which provides both input and output using the same calls
more::num::tensin< T, N0, N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 >
more::tensor< T, Rank >
more::tensor< T, 1 >
more::tensor< T, 2 >
more::tensor< T, 3 >
more::tensor< T, 4 >
more::tensor< T, 5 >
more::tensor< T, 6 >
more::tensor< T, 7 >
more::tensor< T, 8 >
more::gen::ternary_closure< Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Result >
more::gen::ternary_function< Arg1, Arg2, Arg3, Result >Convenience base class for a functional taking three arguments
more::gen::ternary_multiclosure< A1, A2, A3, R, Container >
more::io::tex_num_put< Char, OutIter >
more::cf::threadA descriptor for creating and controlling a thread
more::cf::thread_canceledThe exception thrown by checkpoint() if cancel() is called on the current thread
more::gen::thrower< Exception >A functional with, when called, throws an exception
more::math::times_type_< T, U >
more::io::tmp_file_reservationA handle to a unique name of a file that will be removed when the handle is destructed
more::to_signed_< T >
more::to_signed_< char >
more::to_signed_< unsigned char >
more::to_signed_< unsigned int >
more::to_signed_< unsigned long >
more::to_signed_< unsigned short >
more::to_unsigned_< T >
more::to_unsigned_< char >
more::to_unsigned_< int >
more::to_unsigned_< long >
more::to_unsigned_< short >
more::to_unsigned_< signed char >
more::gen::transform_if_view< Subiterator, Filter, Transform >
more::gen::transform_if_view< Subiterator, Filter, Transform >::iterator
more::gen::transforming_iterator< Iterator, Function >An iterator which iterate over a transformed range
more::tree_to_list_< List >
more::tree_to_list_< typepair< List, List1 > >
more::gen::trivial_iterator_tagIterator category tag for the trivial iterator concept as defined in the standard
more::typeassert_< T >
more::typepair< T, U >
more::typepair_traits< T >
more::typepair_traits< nulltype >
more::typepair_traits< typepair< T, U > >
more::uint_with_size_< N, dummy >
more::uint_with_size_< N, 1 >
more::uint_with_size_< sizeof(unsigned char)>
more::uint_with_size_< sizeof(unsigned int),(sizeof(unsigned short)==sizeof(unsigned int)) >
more::uint_with_size_< sizeof(unsigned long)+1 >
more::uint_with_size_< sizeof(unsigned long),(sizeof(unsigned int)==sizeof(unsigned long)) >
more::uint_with_size_< sizeof(unsigned short)>
more::gen::unary_closure< Arg, Result >
more::gen::unary_multiclosure< A1, R, Container >
more::math::undefined_type< T >
more::gen::unify_if_equal< T >
more::gen::unify_none< T >
more::gen::unify_to_first< T >
more::gen::unifying_partial_ordering< T, Unify >A container which provides a partial ordering of its elements
more::gen::unifying_partial_ordering< T, Unify >::const_elementAn element of the ordering with constant value
more::gen::unifying_partial_ordering< T, Unify >::const_infimum_iteratorA bidirectional iterator used by infimum_range
more::gen::unifying_partial_ordering< T, Unify >::elementAn element of the ordering
more::gen::unifying_partial_ordering< T, Unify >::infimum_iteratorA bidirectional iterator used by infimum_range
more::gen::unifying_partial_ordering_baseHelper class
more::num::vectin< T, N >
more::xor_< T, U >
more::xor_< nulltype, U >
more::xor_< T, nulltype >

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