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more Namespace Reference

The library namespace. More...




Detailed Description

The library namespace.

Most of the library follows a two-level namespace depth, namely LIBRARY::PACKAGE::ITEM. Therefore, this namespace mainly contains other namespaces.

Typedef Documentation

typedef uint_with_size_<sizeof(double)>::eva more::double_prec_uint)

typedef uint_with_size_<sizeof(float)>::eva more::float_prec_uint)

typedef uint_with_size_<sizeof(long double)>::eva more::long_double_prec_uint)

typedef char more::xml_char_type

typedef std::basic_string<xml_char_type> more::xml_string_type

Function Documentation

template<typename T>
long _meta_is_a_1 const T *   ,
const T *   

template<typename T>
char _meta_is_a_1 const void *   ,
const T *   

bool version_is_at_least char const *    str

char const* version_str  

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