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more::diag Namespace Reference

Diagnostics, debugging and profiling. More...



Detailed Description

Diagnostics, debugging and profiling.

Most things defined here does not contribute to the functionality of correct program in a working environment. These are tools to help the developer to reach the point of a correct program in cooperation with testers and unfortunate users, and to help the user to fix his installation.

Function Documentation

std::ostream& cdbg int   

int check_exit_status int    err = 0

If MORE_CHECK has failed at least once, reports the number of fails, and returns nonzero, otherwise return err.

void debug_init io::cmdline  

void fatal char const *   

report a fatal error and abort.

void logic_error std::string    where,
std::string    msg

report a fatal error.

std::ostream& operator<< std::ostream &    out,
const stopwatch   sw

void parse_debug_level_from_cmdline int &    argc,
char **&    argv

void set_debug_level int   

bool show_sometimes_helper  

char const* strerror int    err

Equivalent to std::strerror(err).

char const* strerror  

Equivalent to strerror(the_errno()).

int the_errno  

Return the value of errno.

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